Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ZIF Adapter for PicKit2

I have an older Melabs serial pin programmer which I purchased with a ZIF adapter. Though the Pic processors can be programmed in situ using the ICSP connect, if it is available, during development I find it is easiest to use a ZIF socket. To that purpose a ZIF adapter has been designed for use with the PicKit2. The ZIF adapter plugs into the PicKit2 ICSP connector and a switch on the ZIF board changes Pic number of pins, i.e., 28/40 or 20 etc.

At the moment I do not stock this board, but it is available from Batchpcb. The ZIF socket is available from several sources as well as the switch.


  1. PCB: Batchpcb, ZIF PicKit2 Adapter
  2. ZIF Socket: Futurlec, universal 40 pin ZIF socket, ZIFU40
  3. Switch: Mouser, Slide Switch

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