Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arduino PID Temperature Controller and Sous Vide

Project Objective: To design a PID temperature controller using the Arduino and apply it to Sous Vide.

Introduction: This all started as a project to control beer brewing which is still in the works. In order to get there, there are a series of projects which can be used to break the problem down into workable pieces. Basically, brewing beer requires heating liquids contained in kettles and then moving the liquid from kettle to kettle. So what is needed is a way to heat the liquid to a controlled temperature and then turning pumps on and off. So what do we need:
  • Kettles with heaters, fittings and pumps.
  • An electronic controller with PID capabilities.
A single kettle version of this is what is need for a Sous Vide system including a small pump to keep the temperature of the water, uniform.

Interesting Links: Before we get started here are some useful links on this subject.

  • Lower East Kitchen:  On this site you will find a kit for a PID controller design for Sous Vide. Though the controller can be used for any water bath they suggest using a stainless coffee  urn available from Amazon for $25. 

PID Controller: A Arduino based PID temperature controller has been developed by Brett Beauregard and Rocket Scream Electronics called the osPID.  This design was predated by the Reflow Oven Controller Shield available from Rocket Scream

Sous Vide Hardware:

To Be Continued: 11/8/12

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